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A comprehensive list of Tor exit node IP addresses is already made public by the Tor project (remember that these addresses tend to change over time). Combine said IP addresses with Google Analytics' filtering options and I'm sure it can be done. This section of Tor's FAQ may also be useful to you, so might TorDNSEL.


Sorry to say you won't find a list specifically informing you which HideMyAss or PureVPN IP addresses are banned since these services do not publish the blocks of IP's they purchase. They are also forever increasing the amount of IP's they have on their network. The only advice you will be able to get on this topic is that when you purchase such as service ...


The best option would be to use a VPN since many 'free proxies' can stop at anytime and often are incredibley slow. Most VPNs are pay as you go and charge monthly so your not tied into any contracts and most are fast if its a paid service. I recommend paying but firstly trying free trials which most offer and see how you get on. If its slow then try ...


Generating your own self signed SSL certificates is a bit of a challenge if you've only dabbled in web design. A good tutorial is here http://www.akadia.com/services/ssh_test_certificate.html You should at least call Barracuda and ask them what they can help you with since you use their service.

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