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If I've understood you correctly, you're trying to show a video in the background that plays automatically, is hosted on youtube and that you can overlay text on it. if that's what you're looking for then the following solution should work for you. I believe you can use two div, one div with youtube video can act as background and the other div can be used ...


Unfortunately this is no longer supported officially by Googe. The only way I could see this being possible would not be as a video bar per-say but as a page with a grid of video images embedded from Youtube and when you click on the video it takes you to the video page to be able to watch the video.


Contrary to what has been commented by @Simon Hayter Google policies state that hiding content from end users for SEO purposes (such as adding the transcript the way you are talking about) is a violation and will negatively impact your SERP rankings. having said that there is no problem with adding an expandable div which the user can open themselves which ...

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