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In order to use HTML5 features to play an MP3 file the browser would need to know the URL to the MP3 file, and therefore it would need to be included in the the source code. There are some tricks however that can help make it more difficult for people to find the URL, such as: Obfuscating the URL using HTML character code substitutes For example: http:// ...


If you want to prevent leeching, a better method would be to block referrers. You can set up your server so that the video is only served when it has your site as the 'Referer' header. Or use a blacklist and only block sites as/when they become a problem. That way your video URLs stay static and you can put them in the sitemap.


As John Conde says in the comments: If the URLs of your videos keep changing, regardless of source, they aren't good candidates for sitemaps. By the time the search engines read the sitemap those videos are gone. It sounds like your pages have URLs that are not changing, but your URLs for the video content is changing frequently. In that case a ...

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