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We know that Google has technology to detect duplication within video. They use an algorithm at YouTube to detect when any uploaded video uses a copyrighted song. While I haven't heard of any specific cases of Google using video duplication detection other than that, it would not surprise me to learn that they do so. Google would want to detect ...


The video would only play the first time a user visits the site. This is impossible to determine, deleted cookies, other PC, phone and "would play" means starts automatically? That's a no-go. When researching I preopen a lot of tabs and those that start some video get kicked out immediately. It is my decission when I want to watch it. You can offer ...


A video in-of-itself is not a bad thing. However, the notion of hijacking the user experience by auto-starting the video and restricting access to the content is a bad thing. It is extremely bad. Listen, these days UX (user experience) is everything. Smart SEOs understand that bounce rates, time on site, number of pages read, time on page, are all metrics ...


Why don't you just put the video in a <div> which floats on top of the content. You can always dim the rest of the page while the video plays. The search engine will still read all the content on the page and just see that there is a <div> which floats on top.


No. There is no way for search engines to read the content of a video. As far as SEO goes, search engines will see this: <video></video> or similar. SEO will not be helped by using a video splash screen.


nobody likes splashscreens, I strongly advise you make any video a choice, even autoplay is annoying. It is not accessible There is no (reliable) way to make it only show once It will increase the bounce rate even for people who haven't seen it before On slow machines your site may be unusable and yes slow pages are ranked lower. (this will be a problem ...

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