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Nope, nope and nope. Why would someone put a child pornography into a service that sole purpose is content analysis? It wouldn't go through. But, srsly, don't go on that road. It's illegal content, so you got your answer in the word ILLEGAL. And I think that I don't need to remind you how community is sensitive in this particular case.


Usually they've also forgotten their password. So, the question is really... "How can you reset a user's password when they don't have access to their email?" In short, you're going to need a lot more information from the user and consequently will need the user to have previously entered this information into their account during signup. Alternative ...


When having the username at the beginning of the path, you would have to make sure to avoid name clashes with non-user pages (and, for sites that allow custom templates and forms, phishing potentials), and you lose some usability. Examples: Reserved filenames: A user could choose the username robots.txt, favicon.png, .well-known, etc. Internal pages: Your ...


You could use an email confirmation link with a 15+ minute delay on register. May deter some users, but would prevent some throw away email services.


For the most part, Google doesn't really care how you structure your URLs (as long as they're reasonably stable & crawlable; with the exception of country-targeting). Think about what you'd want out of your URL structure instead: need to do country-targeting? Use subdomains or high-level folders, e.g., uk.domain.com/... , domain.com/uk/... (this is the ...

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