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The four most used notifications are "error", "warning", "success" or "info". (usually colored red, yellow, green and blue) For "error" and "success" we take for granted that the user has started a process on the page before the notification triggered. Thus we can also assume that this notification will never be crawled, no matter how you've implemented it. ...


I'd put it in which ever one is going to be easier for you. I wouldn't sweat the bots if you decide HTML is easier. There are ways to mask sections of your page if that is a concern as referenced here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8821256/how-to-tell-google-bot-to-skip-part-of-html


If it’s only colon vs. pipe: Use the pipe. 1. The colon might (more) often be part of the page title. It might be confusing to have two colons. Example for an article called "Top 10: Songs": Example.com: Top 10: Songs It seems as if "Top 10" would be some kind of second-level category here. 2. The site title should come after the page title. The ...


I would think neither would make a difference except for preference. Search engines are looking at word boundries (programming term) when parsing a string and would not recognize these characters as either a word nor a part of an HTML tag and likely will ignore them completely. From an SEO perspective, they would likely be totally ignored.

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