What is a URL?

A URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is an address for a file or resource that specifies where that resource is, and how to go about retrieving it.

The most common type of URL found on Pro Webmasters begin with http:// and https://, which is used to locate a file on the World Wide Web. The main difference between the two is that https:// indicates the connection will be encrypted using SSL.

What Kind of Questions Should Use The "URL" Tag?

Any questions about URL formatting, syntax, or the SEO impact of the previous two topics would be appropriate to tag. If you mention an URL in your question, but it does not impact the overall question, this probably would not be an appropriate tag.

Example URL Questions

These questions are good examples of what should be tagged with the URL tag.

Further Reading

If you're looking for a more exhaustive explanation of what URLs are and how they're used, the Wikipedia article on Uniform Resource Locators is a good place to start. RFC 1738 - Uniform Resource Locators (URL) is also a huge source of information, albeit in a dry and highly technical format.

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