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Before taking action using the Parameter tool in GWT, I would recommend at least trying to identify why Google is ignoring your rel=canonical reference. Check your XML Sitemap - URLs reference in an XML Sitemap will normally override any rel=canonical reference Check the internal and external linking profile for those URLs with a tool like MajesticSEO ...


Consider trying to reduce the visibility of your query strings. For instance, in WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin has an option to 'hide shortlink' this removes the URL with the query string from the head of the page. Another place I frequently see (overlooked) query string URLs is in automatically generated sitemap.xml files, so check there. If you use ...


Canonical is the correct way as suggested above. I would also remove this parameter from Google webmaster tools (canonical is not a directive but rather a suggestion as far as search engines are concerned, also - removing the parameters from WMT is a speedier solution). In WMT navigate to Crawl > URL Parameters > Configure URL parameters, then edit the ...


Use canonical URLs for your content pages. Then whenever Google crawls or find a link to one with the referrer in the query string it will automatically associate it with the canonical URL. The canonical URL will be the URL Google shows in the search results. It also prevents your site from appearing to have duplicate content.

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