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All you need to do is Select "Ad Content" as you secondary dimension. Below is a snapshot: Also, Have you thought about using Google Tag Manager and dataLayers to do this? Its much more efficient. You can use HTML5 data-attributes or you can setup a custom dimension.


As far as advantages to URL parameters to referrer tracking there are two major ones: (As you mention) -- Referrers are disabled in a small number of clients. Referrers only tell you which page a person came from, but not which part of the page. URL parameters can enable much finer grain tracking. Which section did the user click on? Which link was ...


This URL parameters are mainly used to Dynamic websites and shopping websites. This URL parameters are used to access the total data on the database which are related to that URL parameter. Better to use this option under web developer.. Log on to the Google webmaster tools On the Dashboard, under Crawl, click URL Parameters. Click the Edit button next to ...

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