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We have a site with a login area for customers to download documents that the client uploads for them. Got some 'sensitive' documents though that the client is forbidden from making available for download, but are allowed to display in the login area, provided the file can't be downloaded by the user. Unfortunately, at least if we are to assume that by ...


If the documents are PDF files or can be converted to PDF files there are some options to restrict the use of the document like not being able to print, copy/paste or extract contents from it. You will probably need to buy an application from Adobe or Foxit to create those protected PDF's.


If it's not too complicated, you could make a "screenshot" of it and post that on the page. They can save the image, but not the actual text/content. Another small trick is placing a transparent div over it, disabling the right click for less tech advanced users. You could also make a getMeTheFile.php and use that to get the files. In that PHP file, check ...

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