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It is against Google's webmaster guidelines to put machine translated text where Googlebot can find it and index it. Google will penalize your site for auto-generated content for doing so. Here is the excerpt from the guidelines: Q: Can I use automated translations? A: Yes, but they must be blocked from indexing with the “noindex” robots meta ...


There is a video at Google Webmasters Youtube channel that presents a slide with a closed list of what is considered by Google as a duplicate content: What's duplicate content? Exact same page, or same content (or piece of content) www / non-www / http / https / index.html / ?utm=... Separate mobile-friendly URLs, printer-friendly URLs, CDN ...


In both cases, adding content to your site (whether original or a translation) does not per se improve SEO. What you need are inbound links. If those posts get you inbound links, then they will improve SEO. If they don't, other than possibly adding a few matches for non-competitive requests, they won't do much for you.

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