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There are a plethora of options to improve the performance of a php based website. Here are some options I use: Cache, cache and cache. In the performance and usability options, make sure that you ticked the option "cache pages for anonymous users". Install and configure varnish. Either install it in your present server or install it in a new server ...


Looks like some kind of torrent related scanning script. If your site is using a custom 404 page like the one used by Wordpress and many other CMS's than any wrong address would produce a 404 "valid" analytics page. i can type example.com/adsfsd and it would show up in analytics. Sort your pages in analytics by page title and see if they include the title of ...


It is one of the common methods of informing your visitor about your new blog. Simply post a notice board on your old website or domain. Always Post it at the top of your blog or below your menu so that visitors can see your Advertisements without any issue. Also make it attractive so that, it can grab the attention of visitors.

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