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It can't be done in the Google Analytics admin panel, but it can be done programmatically by your server. You can put some extra JavaScript in your snippet to send Analytics the full campaign info based on your shortened form. Here is how it might look if you use PHP with Universal analytics: ...


Sub-domain.example.com is a separate site from example.com. This means that any traffic for sub-domain.example.com will not be reflected in example.com. However, example.com/sub-domain would be part of example.com and therefore the traffic would be reflected in example.com This fact is dictated by the web server.


I have just successfully blocked the Chinese searchbot Baiduspider from accessing any content on my site. I made the decision to do so because of the following reasons. Reasons for deciding to block Approximately every 20th request to my server was from a baidu bot. This is unpolite behavior. Baidubot accounts for 5% of my sites bandwidth usage. I make ...

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