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No, whoever is doing it. He is not trying to help you. It may harm your AdSense account if you're using AdSense on your website. He is actually trying to get your Adsense account banned. You can contact - Hitleap Support and ask them to take your website off from their database.


If this is about Social Proof, and getting yourself in a Measuring contest one useful tool is the Benchmarking feature of Google Analytics. Every website is different, so in case you are curious to see how other people in similar industries, geo graphic location or other metrics this is quite a useful tool to know things like 'Yeah, SEO is a good channel ...


Spam is not new. But the only thing you can really do is install a captcha system. This means that for every post someone makes on your website, they have to enter a special code that is displayed on screen inside an image. Robots can't see this and since most spam comes from robots, you'll probably do a good job filtering out most robots. If some try to ...

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