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First of all I would say don't believe everything you read on the Internet! Second of all, if this ever was true in older versions of Prestashop I can confirm it definately is not an issue in Prestashop v1.6. The optimisation and caching built-in are excellent, and with a well written theme and templating it is possible to have a very fast/responsive store. ...


Amazon has a an affiliate program. You earn 4-10% of purchases where your referred the buyer. Amazon offers several options for linking to them such as: Product links (image, text, or both) Widgets Banners Mini Store Here is the link for applying. I've used Amazon links to monetize pages that are specifically about a product that is offered on ...


I suspect that that this is caused by analytics spammers. Spammers have found that they can insert fake data into your analytics without ever hitting your site. Many of them are doing so to put their own website names into the referrer report. See: Interpreting Full Referrer in Google Analytics


I'm not sure why this is happening and how people are finding the link because I have tried searching for techanger and the calculator.php page hasn't shown up. I then searched for techanger calculator.php. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about because the 404 not found page that it brings me to isn't your own custom one. The only thing that I can think of ...

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