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In your Google Analytics property Go to "Acquisition" -> "All Traffic" -> "Source/Medium". Click on "Secondary Dimension" and type "Network Domain" to make it show up and select it. The so-configured table will show visitor's FQDN.


If users don't send you the referrer information about where they came from, it is very hard to pull it out of thin air. You usually just have to live with not knowing much about direct visitors. The reasons that visitors appear as direct are: They type the URL into the browser. They have the page bookmarked. They visit the page from outside the browser, ...


I have a blog article I wrote that explains how to do this: Here is the step by step guidance from the blog post: Navigate to “Content”-> “Site Content” -> “All Pages”. Change the primary dimension to “Other” -> “Content” -> “Hostname”. At this point the data table will show your best host names but the ...


To view data on various attribution models in GA: Conversions > Attribution > Model Comparison


If you are using multiple trackers, then you need to name your trackers (or at least one of the two, but better to name both so there's no ambiguity). Much like the Classic (_gaq) code you've posted, you would do the same with the Universal trackers and provide the name along with the method: // tracker 1 named "someName" ga('create', 'UA-ZZZZZZZ-X', ...

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