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Alrighty, thanks again for the help. This gist is what set me up to complete what I needed: https://gist.github.com/digisavvy/585d3bdbfcd7b0aa5a09 - The suggestion to leverage Ajax helped a lot, too. =) Thanks again.


If you can add GA code to your landing pages as well, do so. In your GA property settings, set the subdomain tracking, and you should be able to track the entire transaction from the landing pages. Alternatively, if you cannot add GA code to your landing pages, manually add UTM parameters to the landing page button and track that traffic on your GA. The ...


AWStats reports on your server's access log. So unless there is an external request to your server (ie. a page reload, that doesn't hit the browser cache) then no pageview is going to be recorded. It sounds as if the 7 steps of your form are all on the same page, perhaps implemented with client-side JavaScript? In this case there is no request to your ...

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