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Instead of adding a new line of code, wouldn't it be easier to look at Referrar URL report filtered to networkA and networkB Domains?


Given that in most cases ads are delivered based on a person's search and browsing history, every person will likely see different ads at different times.


A solution would be to redirect away from UTM parameters with specific values. Google Analytics doesn't record the values until the JavaScript on the page executes. Server side redirects happen before Google Analytics has a chance to see the parameters. # Remove the query string when it contains analytics # parameters that should be ignored RewriteCond ...


Mailchimp's blog post on this is very good. A brief summary: Gmail rapidly downloads and then proxies the image as soon as you load the email, so Gmail's change will not prevent image tracking. In addition, the numbers will in fact be more accurate, because every user will now have images turned on by default. Edit: In addition, see the bottom of the ...

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