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You need to add custom event tracking to your pages. Look at this link hope it helps. Put your files behind a PHP,ASPX,CFG application page add the event tracking to the page your url should look something like page.php?file=name_of_file.pdf


You could use JavaScript to set the one of the UTM parameters to be the referrer. For example to set the keyword parameter with the referrer you would use: ga('set', 'campaignKeyword', document.referrer);


I have a site that is set up the same way. Tracking all the sites together is possible. Google Webmaster Tools If you add the bare domain example.com to GWT, it will be a rollup of all the subdomains. You can also add individual subdomains separately and be able to see more individual information. If you have your English site on the bare domain (as ...


The solution that has been working for me, is to check for the appearance of a specific DOM element's appearance in view. For instance, you may have a #comment element after the article content. So check for its appearance in the view since there is no way the user can get to it unless they scroll the page or jump to that section of the page. You can ...


This is just a quick answer: You could simply place the content in a div with a height or width (which ever you need) that clips the content at say... 50% of the article height with overflow:hidden; then add a simple button with javascript to animate the height/width property to its full size... or add overflow:scroll; or a few other methods... anyways onto ...

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