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homepage content isnt as important as people make it. It's more about backlinks and inbound links to your site. If homepage content was important then every company would be adding tons of content to their homepage. But if you look at well designed websites there is not a ton of content on homepage but they still rank well.


Anything below 320 x 50 would be pretty small and difficult for user's to see. This wouldn't give a strong impression to guests


Google recommends certain sizes because the have the most inventory for those sizes. Advertisers only upload a limited number creatives and tend to start with the most popular sizes. You are free to use whatever sizes fit your design best. If you find that the recommended sizes don't work for your site, don't use them. If you can make room for the ...


You have to stop listening to all these so call SEO experts with something to sell!! This is just plain Bull Squirt! Stop buying what these SEO parroting idiots are selling. It is a fools errand to chase all this stuff. Just make a site that is honest and people enjoy. That is all you need to do. Yes. There are [****** - lousy] links. And yes. There are ...

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