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here is a list of some web tools, but you can't test them offline: Métatag générator http://www.outils-referencement.com/outils/pages-web/balises-meta robot.txt generator http://robots-txt.com/ W3C Validator http://validator.w3.org/ CSS Validator http://jigsaw.w3.org/ Accessibility Validator http://wave.webaim.org/ Website tester ...


There's tons of tools out there (remember, they're just tools, no replacement for an expert SEO) to test if it's optimised. Simply sear for SEO audit tools. You can put the site on a domain (if it isnt already) and make sure it's noindexed via robots text: User-agent: * Disallow: / and also put this in your head tags: <META NAME="ROBOTS" ...

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