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What is the official language of the jurisdiction that would settle any legal argument? Many T&Cs will have a clause along the lines of "Any dispute will be settled in the courts of..." In many jurisdictions, the courts won't rule upon documents that are not written in an official language of the country. This means that you provide your "Master" T&...


If there are 1000 active user then probably you have to use each language in T&C. Depends on which country user are going to read T&C accordingly.


While the EU law states that it covers sites aimed at EU users if you are not specifically targeting EU users then you should have no issues. Even assuming you do need to comply with the EU directive automated testing tools have no way to identify the difference between a security capture page and the standard site. You should be able to safely ignore that ...


It allows them to issue cease-and-desist (or similar) letters to site owners/content-creators who link to their sites in a defamatory way. I doubt Google/etc. have approached them all and gained consent to link to their pages, however the lack of no-index meta tags or robots would probably indicate implied consent for the search engines to do so as these ...

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