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You seem to have directory Indexes enabled (Apache automatically creates a directory listing in such cases). You can workaround this by either placing an empty index.html file in the document root of the subdomain (assuming index.html is a registered index document). Or, disable directory Indexes in your .htaccess file (in the document root of your ...


If screaming frog is finding the sub-domain, there must still be a link to it on one or more of your pages. That's how it discoverers pages, following links that are in the source code of the page. So if the other 2 sub-domains aren't coming up it means they most likely aren't linked on the site. (although if they are blocked in robots.txt and you do not ...


You seem to have 2 A records for example.com pointing to very different IP addresses, one of which is the one that www.example.com resolves to (which is the wrong one). My guess is that it's picking the first one that it finds!?


You can't set nameservers and CNAME records. Go to Namecheap.com --> Manage Domains and click on the domain you want to manage. Then, go to All Host Records and change the settings to this.

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