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In my experience, changes to microdata have often taken a week or more to show up in GWT, even after manually re-submitting affected pages. Assuming the Testing Tool reports correctly functioning code, I wouldn't worry; GWT will show it eventually.


What makes you think this hasn't happened already/doesn't happen continuously? I remember a point where pages were recommended to stay below ~40k total. With pages easily averaging over 1.2M or so more recently, it would just be insane to think whatever that cutoff is doesn't get periodically adjusted. The real "problem" you're bringing up is that no engine ...


I would wait until the www is ready, it's the standard subdomain and will be tested by Google. If you are in a hurry to release sub2 and sub3, make at least a temporary page on www (like "coming soon") which will link to sub2 and sub3. Show immediately that the subdomains are strongly linked together.

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