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Interesting page on spamming Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Thanks for sharing it. It appears that Google has has locked this down. But this is a situation where the one using the tool tries to fool it deliberately. I assume that is not you. There are cases where Wordpress and other CMS vulnerabilities are exploited and links appear conditionally. ...


As others mentioned, you can verify real Googlebots, and this isn't a Googlebot IP address. I double-checked with the team about these requests, and they appear to be for the PageSpeed service, which can act as a cache/proxy for websites. If search engines - like Bing or Google - crawl URLs like that, the service will forward those requests to your website ...


You can verify all Google crawlers by using PTR records. See: Verifying Googlebot I find this very accurate. Google now also offers hosting services as well as many other services, so there can easily be requests from Google assigned IP ranges that are not Google's search agents. There is also a good list of Google User Agents.


These are Google IP addresses as you stated. However, this does not mean that it is part of the search engine. Google has expanded it's business lately and not all of what is happening using a Google IP address has lived up to the standards we have all grown accustomed to. Unfortunately. There are no reverse PTR records for these IP addresses. The ...


To delete all the spam pages, instead install extension DeleteBatch. Edit a script file from Special:AllPages of all the page names you want deleted. Load this into Special:DeleteBatch. Use PHPmyAdmin to mass delete the unwanted users.


There is not enough information for anyone to really know what is going on here. But here is what you may be missing. Any system has several services installed along with applications; FTP, HTTP, SSH, DNS, and PHP and Java are fairly common. You will have more. Each service and application can be vulnerable. PHP and Java are environments/languages that can ...

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