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Yes you can. In fact, I recommend it and others too. I would not work so hard on my regular expression to include version numbers- just ^PHP.*$ You will find that some agent names are consistently up to no good even though some will argue that they can be used for good and should not be blocked. That is a negative argument. I study these things and I ...


PHP user agents are known as libraries. It should be no problem if you block them since legitimate crawlers use other string types, however, can't you check and block only the IP's? In this site, for example, you have ways to block only Chinese traffic.


Issue 1: Using [at] as a munge. The plain and simple truth is that the tools that harvest e-mail addresses off of websites are fairly sophisticated and can even read JavaScript to a point. I did a study of this about 10 years ago and developed a munge tool and hosted it online that still works extremely well. The reason why I mention this is because I found ...

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