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Facebook has stats about your page that contains stats about visitors. They call it "Insights". To get to the stats about visitors: Visit your page logged in as an administrator Click on the "Insights" tab. Click on the "Visits" sub-tab


you will surely penalized by Google panda, If you are adding profile pages into sitemap, and you also be penalize by Google Penguin if you have no control on outbound links. So Don't forgot to learn about nofollow attributes. In my real advice, Don't add every profile url into sitemap, simple disallow your /profile directory from robots.txt Just look out ...


Google is only going to index millions of pages from a site with lots of reputation. I'd estimate that your site would have to have at least PageRank 6 before Google were willing to index that many pages on your site. That is especially true when the pages are only listed in a sitemap (as tillinberlin suggests). User profile pages are often low quality. ...


I would suggest you use a sitemap – if you don't use one already: You can list large number of individual pages. Google (and other search engines) do like to crawl sitemaps. Pages listed on sitemaps don't have to be 'exposed' on the website – so you don't have to have a page listing all user profiles. Building sitemaps can be done programmatically – either ...

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