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Interesting article, which suggests (at least at the time of writing) that there may be some benefit in re-submitting, despite Google saying otherwise. http://www.lauradhamilton.com/resubmitting-your-sitemap-to-google


Google does not treat CSS content the same as that on page Generally Google will only attempt to index content that is actually embedded within the page content associated with an appropriate tag such as <img>. You can however attempt to force Google's hand by adding the path of the background image into a image sitemap. Some Schema markups require ...


Google seems to be much more forgiving of cross-domain sitemaps that Bing. Bing does support cross-domain sitemaps, but with a bunch of caveats. According to that document, to get your cross domain sitemap to work with Bing, you should link to the other domain in your robots.txt file rather than linking to the URL on your site that then redirects.


The dashes in front of the <urlset and <url> does not look right and should throw an error. As well, while the xsi: may be correct, I cannot tell you that Google will recognize it. You can find out what Google says about sitemaps here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/183668?hl=en The Yoast sitemap is likely correct and I would trust ...

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