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I've never liked the idea of updating <lastmod> every day as itt's not just wrong, it's misleading search engines. In a post over on SO, Google's Gary Illyes wrote: The lastmod tag is optional in sitmaps and in most of the cases it's ignored by search engines, because webmasters are doing a horrible job keeping it accurate. I've generally ...


Personally I think cross domain sitemap and things like that are not for you. Google allowed to add subdirectories, and you can manage it seperatly with separate dashboard. That means you can add these kind of property in search console. 1) Yes, you can add both main sitemap and blog sitemap in your robots....


You should add and verify both sites in search console. On this way you would be able to add and host cross-domain sitemaps. And Google will be able to correctly associate and analyze them, independently from where are they placed in fact. Further info about cross domain sitemaps here

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