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Yeah. I have seen this too. You are not alone. I don't see any reason to do this. In fact it is redundant isn't it? And since sitemaps are designed to inform search engine about resources to be indexed and sitemaps are not indexed, it seems rather pointless. It was always a silly thing to do. You will see silly things all over the place especially in ...


Install the Yoast SEO plugin on both installations and then add the generated sitemaps to your Google Webmasters account. Google Webmasters allows you to submit multiple sitemaps, so it should be pretty straight forward.


Google treats the base domain as roll-up of all the subdomains. I have a site with 10 subdomains each with about the same number of pages. In Google Webmaster Tools it reports that the base domain has the sum of the pages on all subdomains indexed, even though the base domain doesn't have that many pages itself. Based on your findings, it would appear ...


If you have added rel="canonical" on your mobile pages, these would never get indexed.


As far as Google is concerned, it is possible to make "cross site submissions" of XML sitemaps if you are a "verified owner of the sites" (e.g. have proven your ownership in the Google Webmaster Tools). You could - for example - as well place all sitemaps on company.com. See this google help page for detailed instructions: Simplify multiple sitemap ...

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