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Yes. Everything you ask for is possible. And here's an example XML sitemap file generated by the Drupal XML sitemap module with a little bit of configuration. Everything is done for you out of the box. http://softkube.com/sitemap.xml If you check the code of the XML file there's a link to an XSL and inside that file you can see the code with references to ...


It seems these days that a sitemap in the root named sitemap.xml will get picked up by dang near anyone in time. It all depends on how much control you want. If you do not want just anyone reading your sitemap including scrapper bots, then name it something unique and submit it to Google, Bing, and who ever else you want. Do not put it in your robots.txt ...


Sitemaps are not the be all - end all that most people think they are. Let me set the record straight. From this answer: sitemap.xml for a website with forum As far as sitemaps, they are intended only to inform search engines of what pages your site may have. Generally speaking, sitemaps benefit those sites that are very large, cannot or do not link ...


Of course. XML is just XML and can be served as XHTML by using XSL if you wish and styled with CSS.

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