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cPanel can do this by going to the following url: http://[ip-address]/~[cPanel-username]


Subdomains in one account with cPanel is definitely possible. It's a feature that works quite well, actually. Multiple domains in one cPanel account isn't gonna work. If you would still prefer some central management, maybe you should consider access to WHM. Then again, this is all up to your hosting company. You should ask them.


I heard it's not possible to have separate cPanel passwords for the two domain[s] if I'm only paying for one hosting account. I assume you mean separate cPanel user logins with separate passwords. Unless your provider actively allows this, the answer is likely "No." Is it possible to have separate passwords for FTP and SSH? Regarding SSH, this ...


You can use one domain and then make it subdomain. Like using and others.By using one domain only you make the subacategories.


It depends on the terms and conditions and type of hosting you use for the most part. If you use a dedicated server, then you'll be able to have an entire cpanel interface in your control to the point where you can assign a different username/password to each domain and have as many domains as you want attached to the server. If you use another hosting ...


Based on the error message alone, I would suggest to ensure all files in your app are within the folder you're allowed to place data in. then if possible, use absolute paths when referencing files. For example, Assume your site layout is as follows: In your document root folder you have Folder named Scripts, and a script named index.php In the Scripts ...

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