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This is from a free site I use a lot Pentest-Tools I felt it would help you more than just doing a WOT search or the whois/alexia/dns lookups. This should be able to answer your question bye running a quick test to see if it shows up as you or not. -Hillary Marek 'Find Subdomains' allows you to discover subdomains of your target domain and increase ...


There are likely several attributes that your sites share in common that could be used to link them. IP Address -- they will be hosted on the same server. Sites like this one list the host names that point to a particular server. There may also be many sites not owned by you on the same server which may disguise it somewhat. You use the same templates or ...


It is possible that reverse DNS would reveal something, but that depends on how Namecheap manages their shared hosting accounts. This could be determined by evaluating two domains on one account. However, if someone is going through the trouble to evaluate the records of two sites, then there is a good chance they are already on to you. Seeing that both ...


From Will Setting open_basedir in an .htaccess file completely limit a PHP scripts directory access? here is how you set the open_basedir for PHP in your .htaccess file: php_flag open_basedir "/var/www/vhosts/mydomain.com/php_can_only_access_files_in_this_directory/"

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