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I don't know what you mean by "current hosting issues", but if any, you should report to your provider. About the question, I understand what is your problem and I had the same question too in the past. In my case I installed Wordpress inside a folder called /news, as it was the purpose of the blog, to act as the news platform of the main site. In terms of ...


I think the approach here should depend on the nature and timing of the traffic: If you are expecting a curve increase with traffic spread throughout the day then 70000 hits/day works out at just less than 1 hit per second, and with a page processing time of around 5ms this should be no trouble at all. If instead you are expecting a spike increase with the ...


If you know the path to your log file and the path to the file in which the function calling fopen, then u can use $filename = __DIR__ . "relative file path to your log file from called file" Hope this helps

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