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For changing the main/primary domain, you will need to have root SSH access and be able to locate and edit the following file (replacing your user & domain info): /var/cpanel/userdata/USERNAME/DOMAIN.COM Once you have opened the file, look for the following line: documentroot: /home/USERNAME/public_html Modify the location according to your needs. ...


I posted my plea for help a bit too soon. LOL. To get it working: Delete MX record on cPanel and CloudFlare, Create new MX record with Priority 1 pointing to on cPanel and CloudFlare. So, all is working again. Phew. Though, I have noticed that email from comes in instantly, while mail from Gmail takes about 20 mins to ...


You've tried tar? tar is good! Well, rsync is good too. For the time being, let me tell you about tar. tar zvcf - $PWD | ssh -i keyfile.pem username@ip-address "dd of=/home/tarfile" I am assuming you can build the trust (exchange of ky pairs) for logging in. Using v flag is a good thing.


It has been a long time since I have posted blocking code. I have not updated my IP database in a fairly long time. I have somewhat shutdown my abuse list after 8 years. But this should be close enough. It is certainly an example at least. I recommend looking halfway down for the heading Block by IP Address Block. The .htaccess code should work. I am ...


Faster server only means quick download times, Rankings is determined by your KEY words used to describe your website or product. Look into network marketing to get a better idea on getting ranked higher for the search words of your site.


The location doesn't matter until your server has network speed. You should choose a good speed with low latency, hosting provider in US rather than India. Google has indicated page speed is one of the factors used by its algorithm to rank pages. Page speed is also important to user experience. I would prefer using CloudFlare without Bypass caching to ...

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