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Time till start download The startingtime depends (mainly) on: - Time it takes to run the PHP code (this should take little time) - The time it takes before the first data is send The latter one is the main contributor, you want to send (some) data as fast as you can. If you echo a file_get_contents() of a file, you would have to wait untill all the ...


When in your Terminal window, you can type ls -l to see the current file permissions and user and group that owns the file. This article from Ubuntu's Community explains how the file permissions are built: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions Now, to anwer your question, if you want to change a file or folder as a certain user, the user must ...


You can get IP that serves image with ping command or in Developer Tools of your browser And check it's possible destination in geoiptool but the best solution to check you page speed is to test it with pingdom or gtmetrix, cause distance is not always important. Anyway Dropbox is definitely not for storing images.

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