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I will suggest to go for multi servers to solve this issue , where servers are connected in clustred format . So in case server load of one goes high your traffic is diverted to second server and so on


There are things you can do at a number of levels: Network Level Network Hardware: Install a load-balancer, with addition servers behind it. This will allow you to run your existing set-up fairly easily, but will probably cost quite a lot of money to setup in the time frame you have (depending on your hosting providers support levels) Virtual Hardware: ...


If you are using apache: Search your root folder for the file named "htaccess.txt" or ".htaccess". Add the following line: ErrorDocument 503 http://www.example.com/customhtml.html You have your visitors redirected to customhtml.html. You can add an iframe of your "another web address" in the HTML code.


It seems like you're aiming for the second-worst outcome. If you're expecting a spike, you have time to do something: Implement in-code caching (can be easy, can take a while to get right) Optimise static files (jpegoptim, optipng, more-css, etc) to reduce bandwidth, speed things up for all users. Move your static stuff to a CDN to remove those requests ...


When your website is too busy due to a large traffic, the best way of redirection is using custom error documents. So, when a user gets 503 error code, the server will redirect visitors to the custom error document page you have defined. There are different ways for different servers to customize error document pages. 1. For Apache server, add the ...


You have already created a new SFTP account with restricted directory access, which is one of the precautions to consider. If you are worried about the freelancer guy tampering your database, that still can be done with only FTP access. As he can access your Magento installation directory, he can get your database credentials and use those in a PHP script ...

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