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There is no way you can get rid of the old description from DMOZ. NOODP tag doesn't help. People in Google say that they can't do anything because it's the bot who does it and they don't have control over their bot.


Unfortunately, there is no single, unary factor that can be directly attributed to this, aside from the obvious syntax error in the markup (which I'll assume isn't the case). Instead, there are hundreds of factors that Google uses to determine what they display in search results and, with an index of over 30 trillion webpages, they've got quite the pot to ...


It is assumed that you will want to eventually remove the old URLs in time. This is often a forgotten aspect of a question such as yours. So let's stick with that assumption for a moment. Using a 301 redirect will do the following: Tell the search engines that the page has moved. (Duh!) Will preserve the link value for any link that may exist for as long ...

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