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Not sure if this is really an answer, more an observation, but anyway... It seems that if Google is able to extract an obvious breadcrumb trail from the page then it will show this in the search results, rather than the actual URL. The breadcrumb trail in the SERPs never includes the final (leaf) page, only the breadcrumb trail that leads to that page (so ...


Google’s documentation for the Products Rich Snippet says for the single product page: We are in the process of implementing JSON-LD support for this Rich Snippet type. At the current time, we recommend using microdata or RDFa. So this might explain why it wouldn’t always work, currently.


No! There will be no specific influence in your Google SERP if you use JavaScript in your webpage. In older days Google was not that much smart to fetch dynamically generating contents, JavaScript and AJAX but now Google algorithm is very smart to Crawl and Index those contents. Historically, SEO recommendations have centered around having ‘plain text’ ...


First things first: No one knows exactly how Google picks one page over the other when displaying results in the SERPs. One thing is clear, the selection process is somewhat complicated by various selection processes while Google re-ranks the results of the various search queries (and yes Google does more than one search query every time you search and ...

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