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A sitemap is so that Google can index your pages without having to scrape and investigate every internal link. If you want something indexed, it should be in there. If you don't want it indexed - robots.txt it. It doesn't matter if you use multiple sitemaps or a single large file. There's no limits, advantages, disadvantages outside of management.


It has to do with the value of the page. If you Google for "tools" you're more likely to get "Home Depot" than search results with a wall of tools. I have some theatre companies I work with. If you search for some of the actors who have played parts, you will get the theatre company production page and not the actor's page. As far as Bing goes, well, ...


This is domain cannibalism and it's a common SEO tactic. There's actually not a problem with the different design, so long as it's optimised. Run it through all the standard page tests, and bring it's quality up or above that of your original content. Here's a run down of domain merging: Pros: You acquire a percentage of the original domains link equity. ...

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