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Yes and no. Google shows local searches from Chennai for the keyword "Part time jobs" because it believes if you search for this keyword, you're looking for a job near you. This behaviour is solely in the hands of Google. But you can optimize your website in such a way that your website will show up in these results: Add the name of the city to the title ...


Google cares not one whit. Really. All non-alphanumeric characters are essentially ignored. From a programmers point of view, the URI is parsed and indexed using word boundaries and anything that is not a word, is ignored. It is that simple. If you asked which one I personally prefer using, I would say - over +. I think it is more human friendly and the ...


"Fetch as Google" does not fetch the same way as Google does. "Fetch as Google" doesn't check the page for the meta tag. (The crawling algorithm does) A workaround is adding it manually in the "fetch as Google" statement. ex: www.example.com/?_escaped_fragment_=

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