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Bing probably expects that if you give it the domain name example.com that it should use www.example.com instead. Because that is what many users would probably expect too. But, your certificate is valid for greymeter.com, api.greymeter.com and meta.greymeter.com but not for www.greymeter.com. Thus you get NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID which means that ...


Certificates are absolutely portable. Just add the Private Key + Certificate + CA/Intermediate Chain to the new server in the same way as the existing server and you shouldn't have any problem. This also helps in multi-server setups, where multiple servers may host the same content and therefore use the same certificate.


If your webserver is configured with Persistent Connections enabled (also known as keep-alive), then: The document HTML and all assets required by it (javascripts, CSS files, images etc) will be downloaded using the same HTTPS connection, with files requested and returned one after the other. If there are many assets to download from the same domain, or ...

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