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When I do testing with security certificates, I often use the real certificate on the test machine. I configure the test machine with the real host name. Then I use my /etc/hosts (or hosts.txt) file to point the real domain name to the test box for testing a client. Doing this bypasses the need for generating certificates and making sure that all test ...


kel's answer doesn't give an example and the example in his comment is now using a wildcard certificate. So try https://www.digicert.com/subject-alternative-name.htm instead ... and just in case they change their certificate, I've attached a screenshot here


A quick look shows that the reduced price is only available when you buy the certificate for 1 year. Each additional year is priced fully, which mean's it's probably just a quick sale to get people singed up (with a loss?) and then get money when the extend the subscription. It's also problematic to switch back to non-ssl from a SEO perspective - you would ...

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