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It will take time for Google to start properly indexing your website, as it is still processing your content and "figuring you out". This kind of behaviour is common with newly-submitted websites. One or two pages are indexed and they show up on Google (mostly, under very specific search queries). Then they disappear. Then they reappear. All of this common. ...


Why don't you put the text www.foo.com/bar in your www.bar.com/page.php?some-parameters-and-utm-codes-etc page? If someone searches for the text www.foo.com/bar your page should rank for it. Perhaps stick a sentence in there somewhere that says "this page is redirected from www.foo.com/bar".


I checked your homepage source code to see if the 2nd step (putting the schema.org markup on your homepage) has been followed. That snippet is not yet implemented. Doing so will make your site an eligible candidate for displaying the site search bar on Google search results.


How to add similar sites Google will only associate other sites with your own if theirs many websites that the website is similar too, if your site is unique or badly optimized you will not get a similar. Also for some searches it may be disabled and generally most similar are for front pages only. Share and search bar Sharing and search bar options are ...

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