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This is a simple thing to fix. It is done with robots.txt User-agent: * Disallow: /*? This will help to block access to all URLs that include a question mark (?) (more specifically, any URL that begins with your domain name, followed by any string, followed by a question mark, followed by any string). See:


According to the standard the open search document can be placed anywhere under your web directory as long as it can be accessed by URL and you simply add the open search meta block to each page linking to the open search description file. True common practice is to name it open search.XML and to place it in the web root but the standard does not require ...


Google classifies transliteration of language and actual characters of a language as two different things. Another common example is the greek language. A common practice by many users online is to write greek words but transliterate so they can use a western character set and keyboard to do it. Take the following... papou and παππούς. They both mean ...


A week is not much time at all for Google to index a new site. As the message says Google hasn't indexed your site yet and while Google provides the ability through the search console to upload your sitemap.xml file to the queue to crawl your site it still takes time depending on a number of factors which Google doesn't even publish. It can take up to two ...

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