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Its understandable if you're deliberately serving special static pages consisting of some kind of error to bad bots (or even guests who use content-scraping programs to copy a website), but for everyone else, just serve the same content to search engines as you would serve to normal users. If Javascript must generate something, don't make it generate the ...


You should not do this when Googlebot (or any other for that matter) comes by, but for anyone who doesn't have javascript turned on. The most obvious check Google can do is send other set of headers to check of you give a specific result for googlebot only. if( bot-headers-result != normal-headers-result ){ punish(); } The other reason is that the few ...


This should do the Trick: <!--googleoff: index--> <p>hide me!</p> <!--googleon: index--> For more information check out the link to Googles page that describes it in more depth. Excluding Unwanted Text from the Index


The beauty of the new domain extensions is that you can have a new structure called keyword.keyword. When you can now have actual words on the right side of the dot, the game has changed. In the case of coffee.club, the site managed to rank on page 1 for the term "coffee club" within weeks. The only signal to Google was the anchor text from links, which in ...

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