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Best way is to use robots.txt. It works for all search engines. As the content concerned: Sometimes, there's a certain piece of content on a webpage (or a persistent piece of content throughout a site) that you'd prefer search engines didn't see. In this event, clever use of iframes can come in handy. The HTML Inline Frame Element () represents a nested ...


Okay, just for the sake of explanation, I thought I would jump in. This is a simple process to understand. I thought I would explain it theoretically so that you can take the concepts forward with you into the future and apply it in other areas. There are a few things you need to know in order to understand how this works. The first is how Google stores ...


They can do both. But keywords in the domain name are no longer a ranking factor, which could give you an edge comparable to your competitor.


If you're adding customized Excerpts to these posts, then you can let them index. But, if the excerpts are automatic & going to be same for main-cat + sub-cat then, it's a risk of getting flagged as Duplicate Content You can read this nicely explained Moz article here & decide by your case. If you can make category landing pages seem very unique ...


You need to redirect every page to its specific version on the new domain. If you just redirect the home page you will be left with loads of 404's in Google which wont pass over the SEO value, and if you redirect every page to the home page, your inner pages wont recieve the SEO value form the old URLs. You also need to add both sites in Google Search ...


Instead of recalculating the first item on a page, use a from instead of a page: example.com/articles/from-40 If you switch to more/less items in a page, you still start at 40. To prevent "duplicate titles/descriptions" and such, indicate pages using the rel="next/prev : <link rel="prev" href="/articles/from-20" /> <link rel="next" ...


It is always better to use noindex for sub-pages archive. like /page/2/, /page/3/ & so on. (Search engines don't like it either) Eventually, your sub-pages will be removed & you won't have to worry about what happens when you change per page items list. Use Infinite Scroll to load sub pages content. That should also improve UX.

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