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You are better off keeping the blog on your own domain for a vast amount of reasons but there is also no harm in using an external blog if it makes it easier for your business to manage and maintain. It is unlikely that your blog will rank above your website for the same terms (one would not expect your blog and website to be ranking for the same terms). ...


You are right. Duplicate or nearly duplicate content will cause problems. The best thing to do, and I have seen this many times, is have a single website that is the parent company with products pages available. As well, have each brand name represented as being owned by the parent with a single page for each brand or all of the brands. You can have each ...


With the above findings by John Crenshaw perhaps keep published date and have update date: last updated on <time datetime="<?php the_modified_time('Y-m-d'); ?>"><?php the_modified_time('F jS, Y'); ?></time>


For the experience I had writing titles and descriptions, I would say you are looking for titles of around 70 Characters and descriptions of around 300. In my case I had them in multiple languages and made an effort to always have at least more than 250 chars on the description, and things went good. Funny thing is that one of my competitors started to ...

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