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The report has recently been renamed: now you'll find the data under Acquisition > Search console > Queries. For this, you need to connect the Search Console with Google Analytics. In addition, this data is only for Google, not for Bing or other search engines like Yandex or Baidu.


I would suggest finding the plugin that will show users duplicate title when they are creating new thread on the forum. Also, the plugin will not allow users to submit the duplicate title post in the forum. Contact forum developer team and ask them about such plugin. Or you can build one which will scan the database and tell users about the similar title ...


If you 301 redirect an URL then the search engine will merge the records on it's end. Your /latest is filed under /3.0, which is what it will index. This not only prevents /latest being a static resource request but prevents it from even appearing in search. According to best practices, duplicate content must be canonically linked. This means your latest ...


I doubt this will give you any problems (if anything, it should be a net benefit as it will reduce bounce). If there are any issues with inbounds not seeing the content they expect, it won't be a problem for long. Assuming you have pagination links set up properly and/or use sitemaps, Google will adjust its index in due course and begin directing users to ...


Country code top-level domains (ccTLD's) such as .tk (Tokelau, New Zealand) and .ga (Gabon) have extra weight in their own country's search engine (like and for instance) but that is as far as it goes. That being said however, some ccTLD are considered gTLD (generic) by Google, .tk being one of them as can be seen under the 'More about ...


1) It doesn't. 2) It doesn't Why should it? Search engines care about content alone.

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