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You can submit the site to search engines before your site is ready in order to set the domain age as older as possible (positive effect on SEO in the long term). However, I wouldn't do it 6 months before. 1 or 2 months before the launch could be a good compromise. Think about creating the buzz about your site during this period and try to launch your site ...


I cannot speak to other countries, but I can speak to U.S. law. Bare with me while I explain a few things. If it is a factual post or primarily opinion, you are stuck. Nothing you can do about truthful statements or opinions. After all, there is the 1st. amendment. However, if the post is false, based upon a faulty premise, or an opinion that is ...


This seems to be the way Google works. You cannot speed up Google and patience is something even an already patient man learns. Google will fetch a few pages to test download speed and then fetch a larger amount for a period. It seems based on what I have seen over the years that Google will fetch in chunks as great as about 40,000 - 50,000 pages per day ...


You have to use the 301 header when redirecting the page. This way you're telling Google that the page has moved and it will index it. Google has recently announced that it will offer a boost to SSL websites.


The new page will be indexed and the old page will be removed from the index, assuming the content of both page is the same and that one has not left a canonical URL to the HTTP URL in the HTTPS version. Yes, search engines are fine with HTTPS.


You can submit your website right away. Just make sure that pages which are not ready have a robots meta tag set to noindex,noarchive. When a page is ready, remove its robots meta tag. You can already put all your pages in a sitemap.xml too to make sure web crawlers already know about your pages and revisit them from time to time. However, search engines ...


There's no harm in making the site public with a holding page including details of launch. This is quite common and will have no negative repercussions when you do open the whole site up to everyone.

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