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Much of what you will hear about SEO is parroted non-sense. I have heard advice concerning brand postal addresses parroted around quite a bit. I will try and make sense of it for you. Please forgive me if I cover things you already know. Today happens to be one of those days with a lot of interruptions so I may have missed something. Still, I think I got the ...


Simple answer, only slightly difficult solution- robots.txt. It is the fastest and most effective way of removing a page from the index. You can also noindex the page, but that depends upon having Google revisit the page. The robots.txt is much much quicker though nothing is real-time. Google will revisit the robots.txt after 24 hours has expired in ...


The WordPress Loop is an internal feature of WordPress and therefore has no effect on Google or any other major search engine. However, elements outside of the loop that are repeated on every page will be treated differently to what the main content is, this is normal and effects all websites no matter the platform they decide to use.

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