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You asked quite a few questions and I suspect you know most of the answers already. So to clear up some confusion, I will address the subject of changing the domain name since this sounds like the new question. If you need more, please let us know. Keywords in domain names mean almost nothing anymore and exact matches rarely happen as a result. That was a ...


I don't know what you mean by "current hosting issues", but if any, you should report to your provider. About the question, I understand what is your problem and I had the same question too in the past. In my case I installed Wordpress inside a folder called /news, as it was the purpose of the blog, to act as the news platform of the main site. In terms of ...


It is not exactly the answer to your question but you should think twice about removing trailing slashes for directories. The doc about DirectorySlash warns from potential problems (a mess with relative urls and others). And you can save some headaches by only redirecting with a 301 /dir/index.html to /dir/ (nearly your point 3), and using DirectoryIndex ...


Here is the one simple answer for your issue. Just Sign in into your domain panel and redirect the new domain name instead of old domain name. In this case what happened is if anyone open the old website it automatically redirect to the new domain website.

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