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Meta Keywords are useless for SEO, and random meta keywords are useless for everything!!! Read wikipedia: in September 2009 Matt Cutts of Google announced that they are no longer taking keywords into account whatsoever... In Oct 2009...Yahoo!'s Senior Director...states that "...What changed with Yahoo's ranking algorithms is that while we still ...


You can create a dynamic output using PHP inside the 404.php template. Effectively you use the 404.php to include your header, footer and any navigation as per a normal template, and then swap out the normal loop and create a block of content that is randomised - e.g.: <? $num = Rand (1,4); switch ($num) { // Here's 4 different examples case 1: echo "...


Google doesn't take into account meta keywords tag for SEO and that for many years (since 2009). You just can delete it. Moreover, keywords you use in this meta gives keywords ideas for your contestants. You can read this:


Simply put, these are hackers trying to exploit a specific PHP application install which you do not have. Which application? I would have to research this and it would take too much time to figure it out. But does it really matter which application? No. This is quite common and you should keep an eye on your access logs to controls these behaviors. You will ...

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