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Have you specified a print stylesheet, or a print @media section inside your existing stylesheet? By default a stylesheet will work on-screen fine (as you've have discovered); However unless you explicitly specify a print CSS Stylesheet, when printing the page out, it will default to the browsers default styling (usually 15pt Times New Roman etc.). ...


You could edit a template (or more ideally copy, rename and then modify) in MediaWiki to achieve this. Templates are in the skins subfolder of your MediaWiki installation. For example, you could edit the VectorTemplate->execute() function in \skins\Vector\VectorTemplate.php to include the HTML for your footer text if you were using the Vector template.


The documentation seems a bit inconsistent and is hard to answer without knowing what version you are using, but you should be able to a print only message to the Footer template example here Depending on what the message is you may be able to edit or add a System Message for printing. There is also a coding option

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