Piwik is an open source web analytics system that runs on a PHP/MySQL webserver.

Piwik is web analytics software that runs as a web application.

It works similarly to popular analytics software such as Google Analytics; an important difference is that Piwik users typically install and manage their own Piwik installations, rather than using externally hosted ones; hence, considerations w.r.t. maintenance and privacy protection are markedly different.

Piwik is open source (GPL) and actively developed by an international team of developers. Written in PHP, using MySQL as its database backend, it will run on most webservers. Optional functionality is available in the form of plugins; developers can write their own plugins.

To be tracked by Piwik, a website must insert tracking code into its pages; if the website runs on a popular CMS it may well have a plugins to enable this. Piwik can use JavaScript, cookies, and/or images to perform its tracking.

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