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You could write it down that would be the best idea it would take some time but you will be able to solve the errors than to search for the solution first learn .php and mysql then write it you will defenitily win in this


Set a canonical link on each of your item pages (not pagination pages) and make sure all the item page URLs are registered in your sitemap.xml. Make sure this sitemap is defined in your robots.txt. Then, let crawlers do their job.


I assume that this <img src="img/image.jpg" /> is in some subpage of your site, like http://www.example.com/page1/. The problem here is that you are using a directory relative URL for your image, so your browser will try to fetch http://www.example.com/page1/img/image.jpg, because it simply appends the relative URL to current page URL. However, since ...


It also depends on Competition. For example, I saw 2-3 sites from the 2th page in google.gr with https to come on 1th page. As Google says it has affected 1% till now.


Perfectly fine to 301 redirect all HTTP pages to their HTTPS equivalent. Either via httpd.conf on Apache servers, .htaccess rewrites or with a PHP include like your example. Any inbound links would pass about 97% of weight through a 301 redirect. The best handling internally would be to not use the protocol for internal linkage so that compatibility is ...


Make sure that short tags are disabled in your production environment as <? is used by PHP and XML and will conflict when you use the two together. WAMP has short tags disabled by default but most web hosts do not to ensure greater compatibility with older PHP scripts. Since the odds are you won't be able to change the php.ini file of your host you can ...


You can't check for the query string using the RewriteRule pattern (the query string is stripped before pattern matching, as is the hostname, etc). So, the rules you stated above simply won't match and you'll get a 404. However, you can use the RewriteCond directive to check the query string: For example: domain.tld/en/abc.php?foo to ...

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