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No.... image sprites are not good for photos and complex pictures. This is because the file size would simply become far to big and would delay the page from loading and increasing the time it takes for users to see any content. Sprites are good for basic template styling images that get reused across the site, this for many reasons is because it becomes ...


Travis Pflanz, your link is broken. The one of the best sports data provider is OptaSports.com: http://optasports.com/ It is used at many sports projects. But it's quite expensive for personal usage.


Is there any detrimental effect on SEO efforts in having two separate systems (one custom PHP, the other an installation of wordpress) to manage the blog vs the rest of the site? There is a little difference in the clean code. Google prefers websites with clean source code. So if you good at WP so use it. Firstly do clean code :) Are there any ...

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