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If you ensured all the wanted folder names were present in the regex list then all others could be redirected to a 404 page using this .htaccess script: # If friendly URL dynamic folder not present in URL then respond HTTP 404 RewriteRule ^(user|fishes) - [R=404]


Try to go on cPanel File Manager, in directory public_html. Your files should be there.


Actual Server Path This is a common problem associated with a lot of content management systems such as Joomla and WordPress that don't inform the site administrators that you are required to use actual server path and not that of the public_html or www folder. Using /tmp/ will not use example.com/tmp/ but rather attempt to access the tmp in the root of ...


I don't see anything in their configuration that prevents somebody browsing into that protected folder. You could add configuration to the .htaccess file to prevent access to it: <Directory /app/protected> Order deny,allow Deny from all </Directory>

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