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I think the more you require in an account, the more difficult it is for one to reproduce it. By that, I mean you may want to require one's email address AND text messaging number and ask the user to confirm both pieces of information. For the texting option, an easy way is to send a message less than 140 characters to a special MMS email address. Usually ...


Been dealing with this problem since 2001. No good way. Only option is to use Oauth 2.0 external authentications from Google/facebook/paypal and trust them to weed out duplicates.


A broad answer for a broad question. Pick any single technology (language, framework, library, etc.) for any tier and you'll often find that it was developed to best solve one particular subset of problems and will be lacking in other areas. Nothing out there is perfect. Each company has different needs and if you want to expand your marketability as an ...

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