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ImageMagick can do that assuming you're running on a *nix/BSD server where it's readily available. I don't think it's available on Windows. You can interface ImageMagick with any code you have to do what you mentioned.


There are pros and cons for using both of the options. In point of SEO however it doesn't matter. Using relative links (Method 2 in your question) is good if you need to change the domain in later point, as it will keep your html files fully functional (if you keep the same structure of course). The con of using this method is mainly the chance for ...


For many web pages, either method will work just fine without a bad impact on performance or SEO, however if your site has a single page with hundreds of links or more, then I'd go with method two and specify a default path via the BASE tag in order to not screw up links since that will cut down on code size and therefore reduce loading time. So as an ...


Neither matter for SEO at all when you consider relative or full path URLs. What matters is the link text and the target page as well as where the link exists in content. As your example, assuming that this is a navigational link, there will be little value for the link text, however, it will have some value assuming that exists within a <nav> tag. ...

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