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Yes, it probably will speed things up. As things are, various elements on your page are probably kept waiting while the video loads. Professional platforms like Vimeo (I think) and Wistia (definitely) will load the video asynchronously, so the hit to your page load time is minimized. This way all your server has to load are the on-page elements, which no ...


You can also use Apache Benchmark, but 3 seconds on request tells me that you should debug your code and look for programming errors. Check php logs for clues. If you are using mySql maybe you have some sort of slow query, check the slow-query log file. Try also to profile your scripts using xdebug or other tools. See this question.


One of the tools i use to diagnose speed issues with web pages is the waterfall diagram. Most modern browsers have this in their developer tools. But even better is webpagetest.org After you ran your url through webpagetest you can see both the first view and a second load that uses any cached resources. In the waterfall diagram tou can see which resource ...


If you need something more permanent for lengthy testing then a QoS solution could be adopted to meet your needs. QoS can be set on any of the following: Your Server Your Router Your Operating System

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