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I tried overriding DocumentRoot "/path/to/new" in an included conf file outside httpd.conf and it seems to work great. This was for Apache 2.4.


THE MOST IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION is support for edns-client-subnet. No amount of pops, fast storage and http/2 support will speed up your site if your clients are not directed to the nearest pop.


There's very little point in collecting metrics you don't understand. All this really tells you is that this system can comfortably handle the test load you tried it with (capacity). But a response time of 50 ms is the request response time which has very little to do with the page response time. Capacity is not the same thing as performance. The Google ...


50 VUs, offered as free trial, by most load testing services is quite useless. Unless you have very heavy queries on your page, most servers (even shared hosting) will pass with flying colors. Wordpress is very scalable with caching on (as you have w3tc), so load test will definitely pass with 50 VUs or even at much higher number. You need to try with ...


This is a good question, but the answer is no - it will not affect your search engine rankings negatively. It will provide a (marginal) benefit due to decreased file size. To understand why it won't negatively affect you, open your site up, right click anywhere, and select "Inspect element" (this option will be called something slightly different between ...


I would say because they request your page in a different manner. If one tester accepts gzipping, that'll result in a smaller request. Maybe one displays gzipped size, and the other the decompressed result. Might very well be they send different request headers and because of that, get other response headers back.

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