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Some black hatters believe it helps site authority and trust Technically speaking it is not classed as a direct backlink however many believe (mostly black hatters) that IMG embedding does improve the authority of a domain because Google does have the ability just as any other tag like with text, video and audio to associate the content to the original site ...


Not at all. A's PageRank is not improved. Links to website A (with <a> tag like <a href="http://www.asite.com"></a>) improve PageRank. Moreover, there is a bad thing for website A because website B uses the bandwidth of website A and thus can slow down the browsing of website A's visitors.


Or option 5, 310 redirect all of your sub-domain pages http://capital-federal.enbuenosaires.com.ar/m-almagro/departamentos-ventas-es_AR.html to your parent domain pages http://www.enbuenosaires.com/almagro-ventas.html. I respect wanting to keep any PR and link juice you have. I understand the concern. It is a valid argument for retaining the sub-domain ...


If you remove pages you generally don't want to redirect them to a central location. When you do this, Google considers them "soft 404" and tries to treat them the same way as if you had just removed them and let them be 404 pages. I wouldn't redirect any pages to a sitemap or home page. The other possibility would be to use the meta rel canonical tag: ...


I assume you're referring to http://www.andreexpress.be/diensten/ramenwasser/. Was the page's <title> tag ever "ramen en vitrines"? If you changed the title after Google indexed the page, Google is probably using a cached version of the page. Give them time to re-index the page and the title will be updated accordingly.


Sharing the back-end is the right idea. You don't want to constantly have to upgrade packages on multiple domains. Maybe you have your own engine to drive multiple sites. That gives you ultimate flexibility. On the face of it, there is no reason why sharing the back-end should affect your sites' rankings. However, rankings can be affected by perverse ...


I remember the old day when I do link building by sponsoring WP themes. Well, it goods for your to see backlinks gaining everyday. But when Google sent me a "Love" letter, I start to worried. Google consider it as a bad linking and should be avoided. If not your site will be penalized. That was happened on me. Seeing your ranking drop to nowhere makes your ...


There is no affect or effect, I think as Google doesn't follow Iframe's content. See more here

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