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I would try to somehow still link from the old domain to the new one, possibly indirectly. You don't mention the specific situation, but if you have a third site, e.g. a blog related to the products but without any kind branding, you can boost that blog with links from the old site. And the blog could have regular posts with links to the new site.


Is there anything I can do? Pretty much, no. If you can't redirect the old domain to the new one then they are essentially starting from scratch in every way. But since that sounds like what they want maybe it isn't such a bad thing. One thing you can do is try to get the links on other sites to be updated to the new URL with the new company name as ...


I think SEOMoz has the feature to trigger emails based on rules you set. its a paid service but worth the fee if you are serious about ranking your site.


Yes. Eric Enge: Can a NoIndex page accumulate PageRank? Matt Cutts: A NoIndex page can accumulate PageRank, because the links are still followed outwards from a NoIndex page. Eric Enge: So, it can accumulate and pass PageRank. Matt Cutts: Right, and it will still accumulate PageRank, but it won't be showing in our Index. So, I ...

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