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I could design something for you using link attribution where essentially every link has an id attached as an attribute, and then we use a javascript function to track and ID and the clicks. We could then graph it out in real time on a backend page. Man that would be badass! <a href="" id="header-link" onClick=example()>example</a> ...


This is my 2 cents, but to preserve crawl budget and page authority I would utilize Json breadcrumbs. Another way to add differentiating clicks is to add a google analytics tracking event. From the code below, you're sending an even when your link is clicked and the label is 'page1.html'. You don't need to use javascript either. <a ...


This will not make a significant difference as long as the domain remains unconfigured and doesn't show any duplicate content - for example a copy of the main website as that would be considered a bad practice.


If you can safely remove the links then remove them, if not you can add the nofollow tag to them and Google won't take them into account.

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