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If you want search engines to spider the results then your best bet is to rotate them on the server-side in whatever programming language and framework you are using (PHP, Rails, etc). John is absolutely correct that if you are selling the links then you want to be careful about them being indexed as google will penalize you.


Via the Open-Xchange webmail user interface, you can download a .zip file containing multiple emails by doing the following: Mark the checkbox next to each email you want to include in the .zip file Click the menu icon above the list of emails Click the "Save as file" link Your web browser will then display its "Save as..." dialog, which you can use to ...


Firefox shows the following information about the infections you're experiencing However Virus Total reports that your website is clean (I checked five pages), MYWot shows no problems, IPVoid shows your IP doesn't appear on any blacklists, and MXToolbox shows that you don't appear on any spam blacklists. My guess is that this was caused by a third party ...


Try going to the var subfolder in your revive installation. There you can find a file For me things started to work when I set the option requireSSL=1. Oh, and have you checked that your https page only uses banners provided through https? Firefox does not load "acitve mixed content" since Firefox 23 so if you put your banners on ...

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