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StartCom issues free signed SSL certificates. You can create and sign your own certificates from any computer with openssl. This is not a programming question and doesn't belong on StackOverflow.


The problem is because you have some of the images hard-coded to load through http protocol on your index page. You should change the links to be protocol-agnostic by using //, e.g.: <img src="http://example.com/image.png"> Change with: <img src="//example.com/image.png"> These links will make content load through https if site is also ...


If you want a certificate which is going to be trusted by most user's browsers (eg. chrome/firefox) then yes, you will have to pay for that. As for SSL with payments, yes, this is crucial. If you cannot set up SSL you should not take payments, rather try to use a 3rd party to do payment processing. You are welcome to generate your own certificates. You ...


You need to fix 2 things: First make sure the DN (distinguished name) is your server name, in my case 'localhost' Restart Apache I wasn't restarting Apache which took me awhile to realize is necessary. And it wasn't clear that DN was where I needed to stuff the hostname. Normally, as far as I could tell, DN is used for your personal name.


GoDaddy does not support installing self-signed SSL certificates in shared web hosting accounts, as can be confirmed from this thread: Does shared hosting support installing self-signed certificates?. GoDaddy's shared web hosting accounts use a custom control panel (not cPanel, Plesk, etc...) that doesn't provide the option to install SSL certificates. ...


Generally no they are not and they are not recommended either to be used in general. The reason is that they can't be validated or reasonably confirmed to be valid. There is no certificate authority that can vouch for it, such as Verisign, GeoTrust, or even GoDaddy itself. The trust attributed to a certificate is mainly who has vouched for it and how it was ...


If you can install a certificate for your domain, then you can install as many certs as you like, so long as they are from different CAs. Issues usually arise when you want one cert or one CA to cover multiple domains and subdomains on the same server. If you are not scared of the warnings because you are already familiar with your server configuration, you ...

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