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In general it's better to use progressive enhancement rather than graceful degradation. This means essentially starting with the content as if the user has no scripting, then using Javascript to enhance the page. For example, you might start with a link/button that goes somewhere or submits a form. Then you add Javascript that prevents naivgation/submission ...


That is valid page content and the search engines will see and index it. It is even possible for it to show up as your page's description in the search results page. But there are other places that Google prefers to get a page's description from include the meta description tag, ODP description, and relative content from the page. So if that content is what ...


I did a little research and it sounds like there is a lot to the <noscript> tag. Here is what I found: Google does look at the data inside of the <noscript> tag Spammers and black hats have abused the <noscript> tag before. So even when Google uses the <noscript> tag to determine search results it isn't one of the stronger rules. ...


If you're doing this to serve only to search engines then this is essentially just another form of cloaking and is a violation of the search engines' terms of service and would result in your site being removed from their indexes. You should only be using <noscript> to offer alternate content to users who do not support JavaScript. So if you have ...


I would take a look at this question on SO it has an AJAX lazy load answer and jsfiddle. I would try and avoid using <noscript>


Googler, JohnMu, said in a thread, "the problems with noscript is that it's been abused quite a bit by spammers, so search engines might treat it with some suspicion." John Mueller is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google Full article


I have seen this issue from my last website, which google used <noscript> content as page search result snippet. in my case, my website is ASP.Net, so I resolved the issue, by adding id & runat=server attributes to <noscript> tag, and then in page_load function of MasterPage code section I controlled the visibility of this tag depending on ...


I don't see how this is a 'win-win'. You say it cheapens the design if it includes a link to the designer, but then you're including a link anyway and just putting it inside of a noscript tag. How does the client win by you secretly displaying a self-promotional ad to users with JavaScript disabled? How does the search user or search engine win by you ...


I would take a look at this:

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