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For HTTP basic authentication using a .htpasswd file, use the auth_basic module in a location block for the protected directory: location /123 { auth_basic "Protected"; auth_basic_user_file /path/to/.htpasswd; }


I've been using the Wordfence Security plugin for Wordpress, as it: Allows you to ban certain IP addresses via Wordpress. Can be configured to block IP addresses after too many failed Wordpress logins. It will also email you whenever somebody has been locked out (or if somebody has logged in). Typically speaking, I get at least 10+ emails a day as bots ...


I have just successfully blocked the Chinese searchbot Baiduspider from accessing any content on my site. I made the decision to do so because of the following reasons. Reasons for deciding to block Approximately every 20th request to my server was from a baidu bot. This is unpolite behavior. Baidubot accounts for 5% of my sites bandwidth usage. I make ...

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