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It could be the infamous WordPress "White Screen of Death" which occurs when WordPress experiences a fatal error with debugging features disabled, such as to not dump potentially sensitive information to end-users. Refrain from enabling WP_DEBUG in live environments in the course of troubleshooting the issue as it may expose an installation to additional ...


PHP running under Nginx should have the same global variables as when running under Apache. Here is a report of somebody who tested it. They initially thought that some were missing, but found out that PHP only creates them as they are used in some cases.


Currently CloudFlare only allows websocket traffic at the enterprise level. For other plan levels it'll currently be blocked. Eventually websockets will be allowed for all plan levels (likely later this year). In general, I'd recommend contacting CloudFlare's support team directly. They'd be able to provide the same answer quickly.


With robots.txt you can control crawling, not indexing. If a search engine is not allowed to crawl a document on your host, it might still index its URL, e.g. if it found the link on an external site. You can control indexing with the meta-robots element or the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header (see examples). You have to decide if you want to allow search engines ...

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