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It's absolutely fine to use trademarked terms on your website providing you cannot be perceived as passing yourself off as that company... Simply linking to websites using the brand name as the anchor is certainly no cause for concern.


You have to put URLs of your Facebook profile, YouTube, etc. In that cas, this is not a problem of copyright. You may add if you wanna to.


Google expects differences between mobile and desktop sites. Even major differences, including differences in link structure, are not a problem. Google crawls the web with different Googlebot user agents for mobile. As long as your server shows that version of Googlebot the same thing that your actual mobile users see, you don't have any penalty risk. ...


You have nothing to worry about. You can use display: none; to switch menus. Search engines are much better at understanding JS and CSS. As long as you are not intentionally trying to manipulate things to get a better ranking. Using display: none; to hide big blocks of text will get you penalized. So if you are only using to hide your desktop menu on ...

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