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You actually don't have to switch to our nameservers when signing up through a panel option (that integration works via a CNAME).


Leave it 24 hours from when they fixed the NS issue as it can take a fair while to propagate to all name servers internet-wide. If your still having problems then use NSLOOKUP to query it from a number of different servers. Say for example your Internode Name Servers then say the Telstra ones and maybe a root server or 2 for good measure and make sure they ...


Do you have access to the webhost manager interface? It's like cPanel on steroids. Or you could issue a 302 redirect to a different DNS resolver. Use a free or cheap DNS until cloudflare is open. Do you have any ability to set the nameserver host name itself? That might be a decent temporary fix.


Conclusion: you can't control which nameservers CloudFlare assigns to your domain name. The issue might be that CloudFlare reads the current DNS info for the domain while adding it to their site, which is already with CloudFlare, so you might be forced to wait to update it with your DNS provider :-/ This is one of those tough lessons learned through ...

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