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Accessing websites via IP is not desirable and not supported by most good hosts. It's considered a good practice for security savvy shared web hosts not to allow accessing content via the IP address of the server via mod_userdir, this is because mod_userdir has some security concerns. More information about this below. SOURCE The mod_userdir ...


You should be able to access it via http://IPADDRESS/~cpanel_accountname/addon_domain_directory so it would look something like http://123.456.789.000/~matt/addondomain UPDATE:.


There is no issue at all in running your own DNS servers and cPanel as you have seen has its own built in DNS server for webmasters to host DNS on the cPanel server. In order to make this work you will have to make sure that the DNS server's IP addresses are changed and reflected appropriately. On server 1... > IP > IP ...

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