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I tend to start out at the original Network Solutions WHOIS database. When I run into a name server for another registrar, I'll go over to that registrar's website. Then I'll look for another WHOIS link on their page, which will search the 2nd registrar's internal database. Sometimes the contact info won't be listed in the 1st registrar's DB, but it will be ...


Different places in the world and different people just call it different things. Nameserver aka Name Server aka nameserver DNS aka Domain Name Server There is no difference.


What you have done is correct. It can take some time to propagate DNS changes across the internet as you have to wait for the cached records to expire to get the updated records from your authorative name server. If you are unsure if your record's have propagated fully take a look at, it has 21 search points across the globe as of ...

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