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If you prevent robots from indexing content, these websites are not considered as duplicate versions, and Google will ignore them. In fact, noindex is usually applied to "print version" of web articles. That's the most similar scenario. In other scenarios, I would suggest to use redirection or canonicalization. For the ads: it depends. You need to read the ...


If you add DKIM on the main domain to your Google Apps they will generate the DKIM key for you and give you a public-side to add to the DNS. You will not have access to this private-key and will not be able to sign messages with said key on an external mail gateway. If you have a designated, external domain for sending email make sure that domain has, for ...


I think if you redirect from competitor site to yours then google will show your biz when people are searching for competitor site.


Restaurants and takeaways use local rankings which is different to normal search listings, it uses NAP (Name Address Phone Number) and many other factors to determine where your business is located and the intended local audience. So, unless you sell the same food and serve the same area its generally a bad idea. Google has wised up to people purchasing ...

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