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This artictle has good instructions for getting Google Alerts RSS feeds: To use the feature, log in to your Google Alerts account and make sure you have at least one entry. If you don’t, create one by picking a search query for Google to track for you. Next, click on Manage Alerts and hit the Edit button on an alert you want to get an RSS feed for. ...


Google Alerts allows you to setup an RSS feed for the alert delivery. That'll probably be your best bet to get the data in a structured form.


If you want to track your competitor site information you can use : http://www.statscrop.com this site will give few important information. 1.Daily Visitors Country Map Analysis. 2.Alexa Traffic Graph Analysis (7days,1month,3month,..and 4 year) 2.Socials Analysis 3.Website Metas Analysis 4.Website Important Html Tags Analysis 5.Indexed Pages Analysis ...

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