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When we started to evaluate MongoDB hosting, I tweeted about our initial results (DB size was reported differently) and whilst MongoHQ replied on Twitter to explain the differences in reporting, the MongoLab folks reached out to me directly and asked about our business needs and seemed to genuinely care about working with us. We continued our initial tests ...


No noticeable difference on the technical side of things after using both MongoHQ and Mongolab. However I really appreciate mongolab's eagerness to correspond with its customers, quick replies to emails, and the overall good feeling that results from talking with them.


I think by default apache will look into /srv/www for websites, not the users home directory. The first thing I would check is where apache is looking. If you search the internet for terms like "apache .conf virtual host" you should find several how-to guides. Here is the official documentation on virtual hosts. You don't need to create a database, as ...


Based on the first line it looks like it was expecting python 2.7 to be available. I think you probably need to install that set the env variable as it states and it should work. It's running through an alternative process to build which is saying is not nodes issue. That just means its almost definitely not npm in this instance but the project you've ...


MongoPress - The High-Performance, Object-Based, PHP, MongoDB CMS I would try


Lithium (a PHP Frameword) supports Mongo out-of-the-box. And you will find plenty others from the mongoDB website. Do not forget to check the right menu, ton of things to read in the Drivers submenu.


I've been using Locomotive:, and have been fairly impressed so far. Uses Ruby on Rails, Mongoid, MongoDB, all default.


Oh, I'm stupid, I found the page which explains how this should be done. I wonder why mediawiki docs have skipped these details.

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