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you can do like this: Redirect permanent /websvn/ http://websvn.borg.local/websvn/ By the way there some info missing: server type, how you access your web site, mainly. There lot of way to redirect trafic in apache config. PS: http://websvn.borg.local/websvn/ is better than http://websvn.borg.local/websvn http://websvn.borg.local/websvn add an useless ...


tl;dr You need the L flag on your redirects, ie. [R=302,L]. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://meow.co.uk/$1 [R=302] Bit of an aside, but... the RewriteRule pattern should be ^bar/meow/(.*) (as mentioned in my answer on your other question), otherwise you won't get the working redirects that you've stated. For external redirects you generally want to use the L ...


The RewriteBase directive controls the path prefix (the base URL) that is added back when you have a relative path substitution in the RewriteRule. The following (index.php) is a relative path substitution: RewriteRule ^ index.php [L] If you don't explicitly state the RewriteBase then the per-directory prefix (the filesystem path that lead to this ...


I'm going to close this. The code basically works, there's a more specific question someone may be able to help with, without having to wade through all my rambling. Thanks for the patience of whoever read this and tried to help.

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