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cPanel can do this by going to the following url: http://[ip-address]/~[cPanel-username]


What you are describing is less duplicate content and more bad content. Here is how you fix this: Google for your sites address. Then you will see the index for the DC that is closest to you. You can try applying the filters to find the date range around corrections and bad content. Once you find a page, click the "cached" to see the ...


I'm gonna clear the confusion. You have an old site you want to spruce up and get indexed and then you want to host it at a new address. Your best bet is to simply issue permanent redirects from the old page to the new one. This can be done many ways. If your old server runs on apache with mod_rewrite installed, you can use .htaccess with the following ...


An better solution might be SCP (Server to server Copy) scp -pr* /home/location/to/place/files This page provides simple examples to do so. Or if you want to stick to tar: The other answers explain why it gets killed, so I'm skipping that You are running into problems because you either ...


you can group some data and gzip it in smaller chunks. divide whole data in 20 or 30 sections and use server side import rather than zipping it. You can prepare a script that list files and folder on old server and new server using curl library, import all. It would be much better ,faster and error free. keep log file for verification

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