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Include a synopsis of the book so anyone who stumbles upon it who isn't a book owner yet knows what the book and site is all about Includes an errata page where you can include corrections for the book. This can be misspellings, grammar, and sample coding errors. Let users be able to download the sample code. You may want to prevent people who don't own the ...


I think there are advantages to both. The company I work for create what they call MiniSites. They are simply branded Domains and SubDomains. So our main site might be and we have MiniSites like, and The benefit of the MicroSites is that you can own and control multiple domains that point ...


I would use either sub folders or sub-domains for each franchise location. It would let corporate have easier control over the content and less to manage. Plus an easy way to update all franchise sites if needed. Look at how UPS handles it with each of their stores It also helps with branding, if people aren't ...


Have look at It's probably more than what you're looking for but Scott writes a lot about his books. You may find some valuable ideas on getting potential readers involved during all stages (prior and after the publication).

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