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Not at all. The HTML content data is not hidden. Only its semantic descriptors. The same descriptor types and information that would equally be hidden from the viewer as attributes of the HTML elements in the microdata form. They're just in a different form as JSON-LD.


I don't think any of your examples are entirely correct. Your ‘gas installation’ Service is offered as part of an OfferCatalog as part of an OfferCatalog given as an itemListElement which itself is an OfferCatalog provided by the ‘building installations’ service. Confusing? Precisely. You've changed your third OfferCatalog's itemListElement to be a Service ...


You can provide properties multiple times. So each Service can have multiple areaServed values: <div itemscope itemtype=""> <ul> <li itemprop="areaServed">…</li> <li itemprop="areaServed">…</li> <li itemprop="areaServed">…</li> </ul> </div>

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